About Us


To draw attention to changes afoot. To offer holistic, factual information within SaveNotPave.org. Spawned by Utah Department of Transpotation’s proposed widening of Wasatch Boulevard between mouth of Big and Little Cottonwood canyons, Save Not Pave, in unison with other health-conscious organizations, leads a public awareness campaign giving residents, concerned citizens regionally, and elected officials comprehensive, sourced information about the societal danger of needlessly paving and building over our irreplaceable resource — healthy soil and unfettered land.


  1. Get city, county, state legislature and Wasatch Front Regional Council to develop a viable regional transit plan for Salt Lake Valley’s southeast quadrant serving year-round recreationalists and commuters.
  2. Gather electronic signatures (contact information) within SaveNotPave.org to show solidarity for logical solutions to growing population and visitor numbers through transformational innovation of moving people, not cars.
  3. Keep constituents informed of upcoming critical meetings and developments.

About Us

Formulated from Unite for CH — Wasatch Blvd in 2019, SaveNotPave.org came into existence in early 2020 when a group of Salt Lake Valley citizens took action after UDOT indicated that it would no longer follow its own July 2, 2019 public announcement of a 35mph speed design for SR 210/Wasatch Blvd within their LCC EIS. A Save Not Pave Advisory Board was formed and a website created.

June 26, 2020 SaveNotPave hosted a “Legacy Rally” to build awareness that, should UDOT have its way, future generations will never know the unique gateway to Little and Big Cottonwood canyons but instead be left with a multi-laned, fast moving highway ruining forever the cycling, running, scenic drive haven.

As of June, 2021, with a membership 800 strong, Save Not Pave works to preserve this final remaining foothill corridor. 

We gladly share access through our gateway to Utah’s amazing Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons with visitors and regional commuters, but it must be safe, sustainable and not heighten pollution levels.

Publicly funded projects should meet needs of the taxpayers that pay for them. By offering evidence-based information and viewpoint of all stakeholders, visitors to SaveNotPave.org can draw their own conclusions on best courses of action.

As an ongoing source of comprehensive information, we cover land use concerns generally, and specific projects, such as the Mobility Hub Multi-use Complex at the site of the current Gravel Pit/Cement Batch Plant land near mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon and the proposed 1800-stall gondola parking garage adjacent La Caille.

With Salt Lake Valley’s burgeoning population and the 2021 announcement of Governor Cox of Utah’s State of Emergency Drought status, Save Not Pave sees reduction of asphalt footprint & protection of existing green space as an important factor in filtering smoke and carcinogens from the air, sequestering carbon dioxide into the ground and reducing summer temperatures.

Save Not Pave’s founder & co-director is 34-year Cottonwood Heights resident Ellen Birrell. 

Save Not Pave Co-director: Aaron Dekeyzer

Save Not Pave Advisory Board Members: Jamie Fendler, Leslie Kovach, Terry Heinrich, Micki Harris

Designed as a portal of discovery, SaveNotPave links arms with other organizations seeking to educate and inspire the public, elected officials and school administrators in the importance of environmental stewardship unite around a shared vision for safety, health and well-being.

Initial development for this website was donated by Darren Hurley of OutletShirts.com