Gateway Not a Freeway

All of us at Unite for CH ~ Wasatch feel thankful and encouraged by the amount of popular support for the ideas as presented by our Petition, which made a clear majority of the comments presented to UDOT on or before December 13. 

To view all the comments, you can follow this link:

We would like to single out Cottonwood Heights City‘s letter, and stress to UDOT officials their observation with regards to local use and access of Wasatch Blvd and the overwhelming support for UDOT to commit to a design speed of 35 mph to guide their decisions about the various geometric design features of the roadway. An environmental fact that is clearly missed is that nearly half of all traffic in this area is made by people that will ingress Wasatch Blvd. within the intersections of Ft. Union and the High-T. Their safety is directly dependent on the design of the road; and how such design will inherently regulate and restrain speeds at or below 35 mph. Multiple lanes, wider lanes, wide clear zones, etc. serve only to provide comfort to drivers at high speeds. Speeds that, as the illustration attached to this post, pose an extreme risk for severe injury or death to the residents of Cottonwood Heights each and every time they access Wasatch Blvd. 

Gateway – not a Freeway!

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