Thank You!

Thank you for Signing the Petition!

Thank you for signing the Save Not Pave petition.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR:  10am-12pm, May 22  Golden Hills Park, 8303 S. Wasatch Blvd. We need you and all your neighbors, family and friends who care about quality of life to participate in a public outcry. Visit for more details.

We encourage you to spread the word that transit & active transportation in the southeast and southwest quadrants of SL Valley are GROSSLY deficient. Grossly widening streets and roadways through residential areas with more lanes is NOT the answer. It induces demand heightening traffic congestion and air pollution.

UDOT says they MUST make Wasatch Blvd into a 50mph multi-lanes speedway for benefit of commuters when neither their 2050 vision nor that of Wasatch Front Regional Council includes any express transit for 1300 E, Highland Drive or Wasatch Blvd. 

Just putting in dual tracks for Frontrunner and adding BRT from Draper to Lehi isn’t nearly enough. More pandemics, drought, higher summer heat year upon year, worsening air quality will continue if our State doesn’t make alternative mobility for urban citizens a reality. Now. 

Let your city, state and federal elected representatives know that more VMTs (Vehicle Miles Travelled) and fast-moving cars through residential areas is NOT the answer. 

Short Term solution:  Improve Wasatch Blvd with 35mph Road Redesign including median and merging lanes to get residents in and out of the eleven streets that intersect Wasatch Blvd AND traffic calming features that make intersection crossing safer AND protected bike lanes and multi-use paths.

Long Term solution: electric BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and active transportation along with a DMV annual Road Usage Charge on all vehicles to incentivize Utahns to try transportation alternatives. 

Ellen Birrell  
Founder, Save Not Pave
[email protected]