Wasatch Blvd: Death trap or safe street? Not too late to choose.

Yesterday a woman was killed crossing Wastach Blvd at 8100 South intersection. Drivers currently perceive Wastach Blvd as a road where they move fast point to point, and UDOT wants to make wider, straighter lanes which signal drivers to go even faster. AND, this is through a residential community.

The spot on Wasatch Blvd where the fatality occurred is adjacent a park where children come to play and .4 miles from Smith’s, the main grocery store. This is where people 5 years old to 95 years old may be crossing the street, bicyclists from aggressive road cyclists to timid bicyclists may be riding. 

If we are to encourage active transportation and transit for the health of our communities and for lower taxes in the long run, we need to press elected representatives to give us safe streets versus the current trend of more-expensive-to-build-and-maintain lanes, and faster-moving point to point vehicular travel typified by “road design”.

Stop the madness. Elect representatives who understand active transportation and transit, and support it!


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