This Week: Analysis of public comments to LCC EIS

Wondered how UDOT came up w exec summary: "the public is most interested in Aerial Transit"? So, was SaveNotPave. After investigative and coding work, we uncovered that UDOT's report was bias toward building a gondola due to weighting one-line "Like Alta's preference for gondola!" from Alta patrons in Chicago and around U.S. against long, factually-supported comments from local residents preferring Enhance Bussing. Read for yourself...

Improve not grossly expand Wasatch Blvd

Through political will citizens of Salt Lake Valley can maintain the option to drive personal vehicles without ruining the air shed if we mix transit, walking &/or cycling into our mobility mix. Contact the Utah Legislature's Transportation Committee and let them know you need meaningful options in your community.

Induced Demand

More lanes and more new parking lots are not the answer. They induce vehicular demand. As Governor Cox said in his opening address: "Now is our time to be bold in tackling the tough issues... plan for protecting air quality and enhancing transportation systems." Let's all think innovatively and solve traffic congestion through ways other than the old and polluting way of 'more lanes, more cars'.

For community safety & health, we seek a regional Express transit plan based on year round mobility for canyon recreationalists & commuters, viable transit for communities utilizing vans that are free & frequent, and to have Cottonwood Heights’ stretch of Wasatch Blvd treated by UDOT as a “street” (narrow lanes, wider bike/sidewalks, crosswalks, slow speed) not a “road” (high speed travel to get from one spot to another spot).

In 2019, UDOT received funding from the Utah State Legislature to reduce peak ski season traffic from mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon up to Alta utilizing NEPA (National Environmental Protection Act).

To be successful in keeping UDOT from widening Wasatch Blvd into 4 to 5 lane arterial, we must ensure UDOT adheres to NEPA process. This means they must thoroughly screen every comment that meets their stated goal & they must make regional consideration. 

Wasatch Blvd should embrace bicycles

Jamie Fendler is a recreational cyclist raising her children to be athletic and civic-minded. She currently works in support of, a nonpartisan, community coalition advocating for

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To this, we say to UDOT & Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC):

“No. Wider lanes, more cars moving faster is not the answer. Southeastern SL Valley needs a REGIONAL transit system. Express, cleaner transit is the answer to growing population & its associated mobility issues.”

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