Residents oppose high speeds and lack of safe & plentiful crosswalks in their neighborhood.


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Wasatch Blvd between Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons is under threat

UDOT announces their 6 or 7 lane Draft EIS expansion plan this summer.

Improve not grossly expand Wasatch Blvd

Through political will citizens of Salt Lake Valley can maintain the option to drive personal vehicles without ruining the air shed, if we mix transit, walking &/or cycling into our mobility mix. Contact the Utah Legislature's Transportation Committee and let them know you need meaningful options in your community.

Save Not Pave is against high speed commuter thoroughfare redesign

Disguised as a solution to ski traffic, UDOT is redesigning Wasatch Blvd as a high speed arterial for south valley commuters. Is this what you want?

We favor IMMEDIATE redesign for ALL USERS

This means narrow lanes, traffic calming features, buffered bike lanes, multi-use paths and prioritized bus transit during peak ski mornings & afternoons..

For community safety & health, we support UDOT in achieving their “Zero Fatalities” campaign by reminding them that 35mph or slower speed road design is the answer.  The innumerable car, bicycle & pedestrian accidents can be reduced with a slower speed design, modern crosswalks and protected bike lanes (currently not part of UDOT’s plan). Through UDOT’s LCC EIS process, they have the chance to redesign SR-210’s Wasatch Blvd between the canyons which promotes Active Transportation and Transit. We’re asking UDOT to return to the 35-mph speed design they committed to July 2, 2019. Watch the video here ->

Taxpayers of Salt Lake Valley have already weighed in: “No high speed, multi-lane highway through remaining foothills.”

In 2018, UDOT received funding from the Utah State Legislature to “improve tourism”. UDOT chose to reduce peak ski season traffic on SR 210 from mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon up to Alta utilizing NEPA (National Environmental Protection Act).

To be successful in keeping UDOT from widening Wasatch Blvd into 6 to 7 lane arterial, we must ensure UDOT adheres to NEPA process. This means they must thoroughly screen every comment that meets their stated goal & they must make regional consideration.

Removing Highways

“. . . Syracuse and Detroit, have committed to replacing stretches of interstate with more connected, walkable neighborhoods. Others, like New Orleans and Dallas, are

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Petition to UDOT & Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC):

“Wider, more numerous, fast-moving vehicular lanes is NOT the answer with Utah’s Emergency Drought and severe air quality problems. Southeastern SL Valley needs a REGIONAL transit system not only for recreationalists to Millcreek, BCC & LCC but also for north/south employees, patients & students to U of U area. All stakeholders agree that Active Transportation & Express, cleaner transit is the answer to growing population & associated mobility issues.”

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